07 Apr

Golf Balls and Golf Myths

When Alan Shepard hit golf balls on the moon, he missed once and had the second ball land just a few feet away.Alan Shepard was still just an amateur golfer, albeit a lunar one. Mission control, being the helpful bloke that he was,gave out tips like “keep your head down”.


This is one of the many common misconceptions surrounding golf.

Of course keeping one’s head down is a very logical golf instruction.Golf is a game of precision. The most minute irregular move or position could disrupt a good shot. Most people who knew the sport but have never been close to touching a golf club and even those who actually play will assume that when playing, it is always better to keep one’s head down.


Golf Ball

According to Bob Grissett, director of instruction at The Golf Academy by The Golf Club in Los Angeles, keeping one’s head down is one of the worst mistakes an amateur golfer could make. When a person keeps their head down when swinging, they restrict their lower body movement, which can cause swaying or sliding.Hitting the ball too soon or too late can also happen when the head is consciously being held down. Grissett said that the better alternative to keeping the head down is learning to manipulate and maintain natural spine angle and other body angles. This way, taking a swing is more comfortable for the golfer and the pivot is not restricted.


Even golf equipment is shrouded with the veil of misconception.

People “test” golf balls by having them bounce on hard surfaces, believing that the higher they bounce, the farther they will fly on the field. It is a fairly common misconception, as a tour to a sports equipment shop would more or less lead to finding a customer making golf balls bounce on the shop floor. However, this is not necessarily true. There are more factors influencing a flying ball that has been struck by a club head moving at a certain velocity than a ball slightly compressed by a hard surface and went against Earth’s gravity. The stress brought upon by the latter scenario is very minimal compared to the first scenario.Additionally, the projectile is an aspect that is not taken into consideration when the ball is just bouncing up and down.


Another misconception in golf equipment is that the shafts of golf clubs wear out and lose their stiffness.With the exception of damaged or rusted shafts, continuously using a decent-quality golf club will not alter their flex. This is because the stress put on the shaft of a club is not enough to cause metal fatigue in graphite or even steel shafts.


Golf enthusiasts and even professional golfers believe that great putting is what makes a professional better than the rest. After all, placing golf balls in their holes is the first and foremost objective of the game. Putting seems to be the most critical of hits since it is the last. Following this line of thinking, it must mean that better putting contributes most to the score advantage. However, a research conducted by a Columbia Business School professor debunked this widely believed myth.

He observed that putting only contributes to 15% of the score lead for the Top 40 Tour players. Driving contributes to better score advantage at 28%, which is mostly due to closing in the distance between the hole and the ball but not necessarily, which has very little to do with accuracy. But what contributes most (by around 40%) is accuracy of the approach shot, because many shots are done from that range, statistically speaking.


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These are just a few of common golf myths that most people, players and non-players, believe. There’s definitely a lot more out there. It now depends on you to distinguish between fact and myth, for more details please visit rockbottomgolf.com.
05 Sep

Other Possible Uses of Portable Storage Containers that People Ignore

Portable Storage Containers

The sudden progress in the industry and production of portable storage containers is not that surprising at all.

Though they used to be ignored and was only used in shipping large quantities of goods,their industry grew because of the constant need of people to move into new homes.

Gone were the days of rusty cargo containers.Movable storage containers are now becoming popular in the industry of transportation and storage. But of course, people are naturally curious and creative at the same time.

Some have found other possible uses of portable storage containers that other people just ignore. Because of this, these storage containers are not limited to shipping, moving, and storing anymore.

Here are the other uses of movable storage containers that you may try out if you have a unit:

1. Extension and Mobile offices
A lot of companies use movable storage containers as their mobile office or as an extension of their main office.

Particularly for businesses that only provide contractual services, it is a more economical choice than to build a small office in the current location.

This is more practical because they need to leave it once the project is done. And if they have a new project at a new location, they can easily transport the storage container and have their new office there.

2. Barracks or temporary houses

In the construction industry, portable storage containers are also used as barracks or temporary houses of workers.Again, it is a more practical option than to build a small house for the workers.

If the company is working on a short-term project, they can use these as a living place for the workers.

That way, they need not travel everyday from their home to the working site.

The construction company can also use this after the workers have left as storage of construction equipment.

3. Community housing and apartment studios

In many European countries, they use portable storage containers to build community houses and apartment studios.

Some people have even made these containers very attractive and a nice place to live in by adding their personal artistic touch to the seemingly bare metal box.

For some people who cannot afford to buy a house, this is a better choice than to go homeless.

Relocation from one place to another is never a problem for these containers.

4. Storage for camping materials
Using a movable storage container is ideal for a large group of campers.In fact, some troops of boy scouts or girl scouts have already done this in the past.

They have already used these containers as ideal storage places for their camping materials and food. It can also serve as their temporary dwelling place.

In this area, they can be safe and protected in case of unexpected events like a storm or an attack of wild animals.It is also safe to stay inside while they call for help because these storage containers are known for durability.

5. Storage for selling materials
For those selling stuff in the market, a movable storage container is also great for keeping their items safe from elements like rain or snow. It can serve as a small warehouse where they can keep their goods while they are away.Because it has safety features like locks, sellers do not need to worry that they will be robbed.As long as they have installed safety equipment like locks, they can never go wrong in terms of security.

If you are in need of any of those, why not try using portable storage containers for it? You will surely save a lot of money, yet end up satisfied with the results.